Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Credit Card for William Lilly!

Yesterday I got this letter in the mail!

All William needs to do now is provide his date of birth, 1 May (O.S.)/11 May (N.S.), 1602 and SSN and he can start buying stuff on credit. Thanks, Bank of America! This gives me new found faith in the accuracy and careful vetting done by our financial system.

I've heard about dogs getting credit card offers and dead people getting them isn't really that surprising, except Lilly has been dead over 300 years!

At first I was, "hey, why didn't I get one of these offers?" and then I realized I'm on the "Do Not Solicit for Credit Cards" list. I can see William needs to get on this list too!


Chris LaFond said...

Fantastic! Maybe you should do a horary chart to see if his application will be accepted.

Anonymous said...

I knew no one person could have such a thorough knowledge of Renaissance Astrology and Hermetic writings. Not to mention such a prodigious writer. How long have you been keeping William Lilly in your basement?

Bum said...

Eh? Why William Lily, that's just odd.

Adrienne said...

That's really cool...how did he know it would happen? (credit card, that is)

Kevin said...

I think you should forward it to him.