Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost Items Horaries?

I had a poster ask for a free lost animal horary. I first mentioned that there is a difference between a free reading on a discussion group and a professional reading. But it really wasn't a pitch for my services, however, as regards lost item horaries. Lost item horaries are VERY difficult for me, I have a low success rate with them. Lost cat horaries I have a better record with for some reason.

Lost items are an area in horary where there don't seem to be any hard and fast rules. Every source seems to be different and even within sources like Lilly or Griffin's Astrological Judgment Touching Theft (& lost item) the rules are wildly contradictory at times. Some astrologers, however, were real geniuses at lost items. Look at Lilly and his lost fish! Christian Astrology, 397-8. Frawley also seems to be good at lost items, judging from the examples in his books.

My view is that when the rules start getting contradictory, but some astrologers get great results we are dealing with a "psychic" area. What do I mean by this? Some modern astrologers can get astonishingly accurate results, but then when they try to explain how they got them from the chart you can't follow them and they can't teach their method. Essentially they are using the chart like a tarot deck, I ching, crystal ball, etc., as a preliminary jumping off point to accessing their own innate psychic ability.

Traditional astrology does use what you can variously term intuition, judgment or psychic ability. However, the normal traditional process is to first delineate the chart, see what possibilities the chart indicates and then use your intuition to pick among the possibilities indicated by technique. The psychic is able to jump immediately to the prediction with a minimum of technique.

Thus in my view, lost items, timing and location, are three areas with contradictory rules, that are more "psychic" that say a marriage or job horary. Or maybe that's just a long winded excuse for why I'm not that good at lost items!

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