Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Final Degree of Sign

I just had a question about a planet being in the final degree of a sign, ie the 30th degree or 29 degrees 0 minutes and higher.

The medieval astrologer Guido Bonatti says,

"The 30th Consideration is, To observe when a planet that is Significator, or the Moon, shall have past the 29th degree of the Sign wherein it is, and touches the 30th and especially if it have passed one minute of that degree; for then it shall have no strength in that Sign, but in the next; so that if in the first it signified any evil, it shall hurt the person or thing threatened no more than the fall of a house shall one that is just got out of it; or being with one foot upon the threshold, has one behind him that throws him out; and then the building falls.

And if it signifies any good, it shall profit no more than he that hath spread a nest for birds, and just touches the feathers of their tails, but never catches their bodies; and therefore 'Zael' says, "If a planet or the Moon be in the 29th degree of any Sign, its virtue is yet in that Sign wherein he is; because he has not yet wholly past the 30th degree." &c."

Bonatti, 146 Considerations

Again for this you need to be in the 30th degree, ie 29 degrees 0 minutes and higher. In this case observe what kind of change there is. For example, Venus at 29 Libra, currently in sign rulership about to go into detriment in Scorpio, things look very good, but are about to change or are not anywhere near as good as they seem to look. Mars at 29 Libra, currently in detriment about to go into sign rulership in Scorpio, things look terrible, but are actually great or will soon change to great. Sun at 29 Taurus, peregrine, change to Gemini also peregrine, a change is about to happen but it won't make any real difference

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