Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Can I Get From A Horary Question?

1. Precise, accurate, concrete answer

Must ask reasonably precise question about concrete situation

“Will I marry X?” Works!

“What is the meaning of life?” No way! Vague, broad, not concrete question

2. Focused answer

Must ask focused, ie yes/no question,

can’t ask multi-variable question with multi-variable answer

“Should I move to Cedar Rapids?” Works!

“Should I quit my job and move to Rio de Janeiro?”

Too many variables, maybe you should quit your job, but shouldn’t move to Rio. Maybe you shouldn’t quit your job, how are we going to pull the correct answer out of the chart?

3. Objective view of situation

can’t necessarily get “solution” to problem

“Will my ice cream business be a success in Anchorage this winter?” Works as a question, since the answer is likely no.

“How can be elected President of the US?” All you are getting out of this question is no, not a roadmap for your inauguration.

4. Clear view of flow of events

Variation on #3, horary will tell you what is likely to happen not how to make reality conform to your desires

5. Headline question answered

Can’t always get secondary information

What do I mean by headline?

“When will I marry X?” Headline question actually is “Will I marry X?” positive answer is assumed in the question, but this doesn’t alter the fact that both negative and positive answers are possible to almost any question.

Therefore, timing, physical description, location are typically all secondary information. Maybe they can be answered, maybe not!