Monday, October 31, 2016

Natal Readings and Talismanic Prescriptions

I wanted to talk about Renaissance Astrology natal readings and talisman prescriptions.

When people think of astrology they almost always are thinking of natal (aka birth chart) readings where an astrologer looks at the time of birth of a person. This is because modern astrology focuses almost exclusively on natal readings. Of course, traditional astrology also includes horary readings based on the chart of a question as well as electional astrology, which picks astrologically auspicious times to take action. In addition, mundane astrology looks at long periods of time, whole countries and weather.

Traditional astrologers have really been much more focused on horary astrology, but Robert Zoller helped raise the profile of traditional natal astrology, particularly through Guido Bonatti's medieval Liber Astronomiae. What distinguishes traditional natal readings from modern is more attention to concrete prediction, while modern is more attuned to psychology.

What is somewhat ironic is that while for a long time I considered myself to be a very traditional, traditional astrologer, I have found that I really have a talent for reading psychology in natal charts. Now this is not untraditional just really a change in terminology because traditional astrologers were doing the same thing, just referring to it as character or manners. This is an excellent example of how important it is to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that the modern astrologers were right, you can learn an incredible amount about the native (person whose natal chart is being read) and their psychology from their chart.

I'll just blow my own horn a bit and relate that it has become almost routine for clients to comment on their natal readings by saying, "Wow! That was incredibly accurate, you've really laid out the key psychological patterns in my life" I guess close to 20 years of practice and hundreds and hundreds of natal readings has paid off with some real insight. I have to say that I think I enjoy most understanding and explaining psychology in natal readings, maybe followed by looking at income and career (predictively not psychologically!).

Of course, this also dovetails with my spiritual work and the increasing amount of spiritual counseling that I am doing. For clients while there is an understandable desire to look at income, career and relationships, among other areas, more and more clients are coming to me looking for insight into themselves, their motivations and psychology. I'm really happy when I can help clients with readings!

Renaissance Astrology offers three different types of natal or birthchart readings

The Astrological Checkup $69.95 this picks 3 major life areas or 3 houses

The Spiritual Path Reading $69.95 this looks at spiritual issues and spiritual path

Full Natal Reading $199.95 this is a complete natal reading

The second thing I wanted to talk about was the talismanic prescription, which is included with all natal readings. Now it is very useful to understand life patterns through the natal chart, but astrological talismans provide a way to actively work with these patterns. Whenever I do a natal reading I look carefully at the patterns that are revealed and explain to the client what possible talismanic or planetary charities might be helpful. Now we cannot simply expect to plunk our money down and overthrow our chart, but we can definitely work with the celestial spirits to enhance the positive energies in our chart and ameliorate the negative patterns that have become clear.

Every natal reading includes the Talismanic Prescription and talisman suggestions, but if you are serious about getting a talisman or talismans I also can do a quick free Talismanic Prescription if you send me your day, month and year of birth Use the Renaissance Astrology Contact Page Remember that this takes time and energy on my part, so the free Talismanic Prescriotion offer is just for people that are serious about actually buying a talisman, not just asking out of idle curiousity.

Remember also that all clients who have had a Renaissance Astrology reading are eligible to be members of the Inner Circle and to purchase Renaissance Astrology talismans.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Astrology as a Zen Koan

I have a Facebook page. I use this to post my "Astrological Talisman Weather" and focus on a current astrological configuration. This time I focused on Mars in the 2nd Face of Capricorn, "The 2nd face is of Mars and is a face of seeking things that cannot be known and seeking after such things that cannot be attained..." Johannes Angelus

This is one of my favorite examples of a Face/Decan. First, it is very lyrical. I'm sure all of us have had experience with seeking what cannot be known or cannot be attained. "But what possible good would this talisman be?" the student asks, "This is not a result that I would want' Very interesting! This assumes that the purpose of the creation of the Heavens, this infinite Cosmos, was to satisfy my needs and ego desires. Not so! We were created as parts of the universal Whole and it is we who serve it.

Furthermore there is the real quality of a Zen koan here (Google it!) A koan is not nonsense, is not a puzzle to be solved or information to be known. A koan is a pointer for enlightenment and for awakened minds. What is it that is sought but cannot be known and cannot be attained? Answer: enlightenment by the separate self. So the picture above is of a famous pilgrim St James. Seek and ye shall find! Knock and it will be opened, but you will not be you.