Monday, December 14, 2015

I sell house tools, not houses!

As a Sun Pisces, one of the more difficult things I deal with are frequent "HELP! HELP! Save me!" e-mails. Some poor soul is in dire straits, usually financially and is desperately seeking instant change in their unfortunate surroundings. I'm careful to explain that I can't guarantee the results of talismans and I strongly advise clients not to spend their last dollar on talismans in hopes of being instant billionaires. I flat out tell people that ask about the lottery not to buy a talisman.

Certainly from the client standpoint the results are what matters. That's what the client thinks they are buying. They want to buy a house, so to speak. From the perspective of the mage/talisman seller, the talisman is a tool. If you want to build a house, i.e. get results, talismans are very useful, in fact you might not be able to get the result, i.e. build the house, without a talisman. But just buying a lot of house tools and wood, won't get you a house, you will have to get the land and then pitch in and build it. One of the things I really like about Jason Miller's financial magic, is that he says you can't do it in vacuum, you need to budget and make other practical financial steps with magic one part of the overall plan.

While I'm definitely sad about the end of my jeweler's casting metal talismans, I am increasingly feeling pulled away from talismans as instant panacea towards being a celestial priest. The priestly focus is more on establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with these incredibly benefic spiritual beings. More on aligning ourselves to positive spiritual forces and getting the ego out of the way so they can manifest through us as opposed to a sort of spiritual "gimme, gimme" Obviously we need to take care of our physical wants, but having that as our main purpose and single goal in our magical work is problematic.

The happiest clients I have tend to be experienced magic users, they understand what's possible with magic and appreciate the power of the astrological spirits. But I don't want to foreclose newbies, instead I want to keep moving towards the idea of talismans and other magic work as tools that need our contribution and depend on our situation, rather than instant guaranteed results.