Thursday, February 25, 2010

Picatrix Now on Amazon!

We really debated back and forth whether to put our English translation of the Latin Picatrix Books I & II on Amazon. On one hand Amazon takes a big chunk of the profits, but on the other hand, being on Amazon makes a book so much more accessible to a huge audience. We decided that ultimately, we wanted Picatrix to have the widest possible distribution.

So now Picatrix books I & II are available directly from Amazon! Gosh, we have reviews, look inside the book and everything! Plus a significant discount, now just $42.99, 22% off.

Well heck, I guess we need to do the same on our website so by golly here is Picatrix directly from us at 22% off

Now it's great to get direct sales from the website and Amazon's not taking it's cut then, but frankly I personally buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. I like the super-saver shipping and Picatrix qualifies for that if you buy it with another book, hey how about Secrets of Planetary Ritual, our translation of the lengthy Sabian planetary invocations from Picatrix book III?

Follow the links from this post and we get Amazon Affiliate credit, which is nice!
We are really chugging along on the Picatrix translation, folks! Help us get over the hump on books III & IV by getting a copy of our earlier translation and other books.


Unknown said...

Frater Warnock,

You're link to buy directly is broken! Please fix so I can but this tome.=)

Christopher Warnock, Esq said...

Thanks! It's fixed!

Christopher Warnock