Monday, January 14, 2013

Fantasy versus Real Electional Astrology

I had question about how to do a house sale election since currently all planets are peregrine or afflicted.

Ok, here is where we get to real electional versus fantasy electional.

What's fantasy electional? When you stand back and lob shots at someone else's election, easy since NO ELECTION IS PERFECT! What's real electional? Having a real situation or real client that needs an election.

A client, or this personal situation, can't wait 50 years until everything aligns perfectly. In fact you generally not only have a specified date range, but also only certain days (eg Monday - Friday) and certain times of day (9 am - 5pm) are available. So we are going to have to tolerate some problems in the chart.

In this case, I know what you mean about peregrine planets. It's like making bricks without straw to have planets without essential dignity.

A Tip: Think about the Moon! She's fast moving, she's going to be exalted in Taurus or dignified by sign in Cancer twice a month. Can that be worked with? yes, no, maybe, see what's up.

Ok, so you've got nothing but peregrine planets, well in a pinch you can work with them. After all, while fantasy elections are about obtaining perfection or at least whining when it's not present, real elections are about at a minimum, avoiding the really #@$%! times. This is definitely worthwhile even if you can't get a great time.

1st house - 7th house elections, ie wedding, and sales in this case the 7th is the house of the buyer, are tough because the only possible planetary combinations are Moon-Saturn, Sun-Saturn, Mercury-Jupiter and Venus-Mars.

I think if you can't get the planets stronger than peregrine, then at least try to get a nice applying positive aspect of the 1st and 7th ruler.

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