Thursday, June 18, 2015

Horary and Electional Testimonials

Whenever I get positive feedback, I always ask if I can use it as a testimonial.

I now have a 43 page Word document filled with testimonials, but then I seem to forget to post them.

In the past two days I've got a very glowing horary as well as electional testimonial, so I thought I would post them.

The horary is interesting because I tend to have a lot of trouble with lost item horaries, and in fact this one didn't lead to recovery, but nevertheless had some very interesting results. Here is more information on Horary Astrology.

June 17, 2015

Hi Christopher

Are you interested in feedback on how uncannily accurate your Horary reading was? I know you're busy but I am really astounded! (I'm actually speechless about it but I can type effectively) :)

While I never found the will, you pinpointed within a couple feet exactly where he hid the combination and keys to his safe. (The safe only contained his property titles) If I were a stranger that walked into my Brother's house solely with your information, I would have found the combination/key safe numbers within 10 minutes.

Unfortunately my brothers had to drill open the safe before I received your response. The card and keys were within inches of the chimney. They were within 2 feet of the furnace (heating system) and were up high on a heating vent in the basement. The reference to 'where animals are kept', he hung a treasured Wolf picture within inches of the keys.

Also that you said I may already have the will unknowingly? Well I am the beneficiary of his bank accounts, so that in itself is very significant and amazing that you would pick up on that.

He has 6 properties with quite a few tenants that I have to try and manage along with the incredible sorrow of the loss of my dearly loved Brother. Plus I'm caring for my Father who has dementia. Omg. The legal and time consuming factors of probate seem too much for me to deal with without Kelly's direction of who he wanted to inherit his properties.

I'm interested in pursuing this further with another Horary question and analysis, but I will completely understand if this is potentially draining or not your favorite thing to be involved in. There is suspicion that someone removed the will from his home hence your observation there is mystery involved. And that the will is far away from me (if I understood your statement correctly) it would make sense.

No matter what you choose, I will respect that and have much gratitude to you for what you've presented via Horary.

Very Best regards,


The election is also interesting, these are quite evident results which we don't always get. Here is more information on Electional Astrology.

June 18, 2015

I think I told you how many good things happened here with the electional chart you gave us for August, 2013 when we moved here. If I didn't shout enough, I'm shouting more. Thank you so much for your talismanic work and astrological work. Our income has increased, my husband's health is now at the point that if he continues improving in his weight and A1C levels in his blood, the doctors will take him off his insulin (type 2 diabetic). My dad came out of the blue on my birthday to gift me this house we're buying before he dies (he's 85) like whammo. Unreal.


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