Sunday, July 26, 2015

More on the Planetary 3rd Order

Folks, I am very pleased to add some additional diagrams, tables and explanation to the 3rd Planetary Order page.

I got some really interesting and useful information from several posters, including Claire Pruitt on Facebook. First it was pointed out that the 3rd Planetary Order corresponds to the triplicity rulerships.

Then Claire pointed out the order of the planetary minutes was the 3rd planetary order (she calls the planetary minute order) and planetary seconds were in days of the week order.

I was then able to go back and using modular 7 arithmetic steps to deduce why the planetary minutes and seconds have these order. Note that while modern scientists like to use decimals so they use tenths, hundreths, etc of a second, the traditional method was base 60, so a hour has 60 minutes, a minute 60 seconds and a second, 60 thirds.

We can go back endlessly determining which of the 3 planetary hour sequences applies. Very cool!

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