Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Video: Hermetic Gnosis & Spiritual Hermeticism

I am pleased to present a new video, Hermetic Gnosis: Spiritual Hermeticism

This video focuses on the philosophy of Hermeticism, its practical application in astrology and magic and mystic union with the One through Hermetic ascent.

Nowadays the term "spiritual" is often used as a synonym for psychology. Numerous sites offer "spiritual astrology", i.e., modern psychological astrology. Traditional astrology, because of its predictive focus, is sometimes dismissed as worldly and mundane, ironic given the unconscious atheistic/materialist philosophy that underlies modern astrology.

In fact, traditional astrology and astrological magic are entirely predicated on the reality of the spiritual and while being a means for obtaining worldly powers and things, also function as the preparatory studies for Hermetic gnosis, the mystic union with the One, and as integral parts of the theurgy (literally "god work") of ritual used for Hermetic gnosis.

I hope viewer find this video interesting and illuminating!

More information on Hermetic Gnosis

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Anonymous said...

This was an EXCELLENT and concise explanation of how and why Astrology and other hermetic arts work. I forwarded it to all my astro friends.