Friday, July 24, 2009

New!!! PMP: The Planetary Magic Program

First in a whole bunch of new books, software and courses is PMP, the Planetary Magic Program.

You know when I post monthly examples of elections for talismans it looks pretty complicated with the chart, figuring out when a planet is rising or culminating, in sign or exaltation, the planetary day and hour, the Moon unafflicted, doesn't it? I took me years to figure out how to do this.

PMP does it all instantly! Boom right out of the box (or rather off the CD, if you get it free with a course) you don't need to know a thing about astrological charts or traditional astrology and you can do powerful advanced full chart elections. Now granted it's a good idea to check PMP's results because there are still nuances, but PMP is doing 80-90% of the job in 2 seconds.

Whatever your knowledge level, you are going to want PMP if you are at all serious about astrological magic or making talismans because this is the first program specifically designed to do fast, quick, easy traditional planetary elections.

All that for $39.95 as a stand alone program
PMP: the planetary magic program

or free with the new Planetary Magic Mini-Course

or Astrological Magic Course

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