Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Great Astrology Job?

Currently I earn my living as an astrologer and astrological magician. While I am still in the bar, much of the legal advice that I give is in the context of working with astrological clients.

Having graduated from a top ten law school and worked for the Bush family law firm in Washington, DC and for the Chief Counsel/International Tax for the IRS also in DC, I think I have some knowledge of how things work at the higher echelons of business and government. These people are pretty dyed in the wool atheistic/materialists. Plus after Nancy Reagan got absolutely lambasted for consulting an astrologer, politicians simply don't dare. I was in DC as an astrologer for 10 years and never got any inquiries from any senators or congressmen, etc., despite the fact that as an attorney everything would have
been totally confidential.

Yes, the powers that be in the US could be massively into the black arts, but there is as much evidence of this as there is that they are all reptilian uber lords, ie purely speculative.

On the other hand I know from a friend and member of Spiritus that politicians and powerful government figures in Puerto Rico are, in fact, doing tons of magic and using astrology. He's been hired by some of the top government figures there! Different environment.

In terms of employment as a magician/astrologer this reminds me of my post on my blog about getting "A GREAT ASTROLOGY JOB!!!"

Personally I've been fired or laid off from every job I ever had so I have no desire to be "employed". As much of a security freak as I am, I really prefer to be on my own. I'm my own boss and I'm in complete control of my working hours, conditions, what work I do, prices, etc.

I also like calling a spade a spade. I flat out say that I am an astrologer and magician. I don't have disclaimers saying "this is for entertainment purposes" because the @#$@#% is real! I have no problem putting my real name and contact info right on my website because I believe strongly in what I am doing.

Now we are lucky to live in a time where we are not persecuted. I was reading a book about rootworkers and they were routinely prosecuted by the Postal inspectors and local authorities because magic was per se fraudulent. Since we don't have to hide, I'm not going to!

My template for what I am doing is my previous work as an attorney. I have expert knowledge and practical experience I use to assist my clients. I like horary questions because like a legal problem, they are focused and discrete and I am not expected, like a social worker, to solve all my client's problems.

Frankly, there are plenty of traditional role models for magicians and astrologers. You learn, you set up shop, you charge! Perfectly normal in classical Rome, 17th century England or even early 20th century Southern America (ala rootworkers).

The last thing I would want to see personally, is corporate magicians, with degrees, certifications and licensing, working for the 401(k) and year end bonus for Megacorp. Must every friggin' thing be chewed, masticated and devoured by corporate post-capitalism?

I, mean sheesh! Here we are doing magic, which is utterly and totally nuts when judged by science. Science, since the 17th century, has had as one of its primary missions, the destruction of "superstition" ie any recognition of the spiritual and the advancement of "reason" ie atheistic/materialism. Why put one foot in the water by doing magic and then buy into the rest of the atheistic/materialist agenda?

Free your mind and the rest will, sure as #@%@# follow!


Unknown said...

Well said, and awesome post!


Anonymous said...

What you describe about being a professional astrologer and astrological magician resonated with me as a merchant of magical materials, if I can indulge in too much alliteration. I really like that I can use my real name wherever I want and say what I do.

It is also just nice to be self-employed. After all these years, I think it would be very difficult for me to work for someone else and try to pretend I cared about it. I care about what I do now, even though I still periodically get way behind.:)

I'm glad to hear you debunk the dark arts at high levels in the US. I have never felt like there was convincing evidence or even argument for that. They don't do magic because they don't have to; they have actual world power. In a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

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