Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time is Running Out on Picatrix Pre-Orders!

I went to my bookbinder today and picked up the final versions of the amazing goatskin leather bound and cloth bound Picatrix(es). [Picatrices?]

Wow! Take a look at the fabulous archival box that comes with the leatherbound Picatrix. Just scroll down to the bottom above the order buttons. I was thinking cardboard and my binder gives me this incredible custom cloth bound box with a leather label hot stamped with "Picatrix" and inlaid with gold leaf. I was joking that I need a box for the box!

Then take a look at the final version of the cloth bound Picatrix. These also have this beautiful leather label hotstamped in gold with "Picatrix"

Here are ordering details and time is running out on the pre-order discount prices and bonus pdfs. Come June 11th, the official launch date, up the go the prices and no more free bonus astrology books and articles. If you are interested in a cloth or leatherbound version, remember that layaway is available, just contact me at

In a way, though, that begs the question, since you may well be asking, "What do I need a copy of Picatrix for?"

Let's consider this from the purely practical level. I had a poster who just asked about a Jupiter talisman can look in Picatrix Bk II, chapter 10, Greer & Warnock tr, page 106 and get very specific instructions on the necessary conditions for making a Jupiter talisman. Picatrix contains 268 different talismans recipes!

What shape should the talisman be? Look at Picatrix, Bk III, ch 5 Greer & Warnock tr, pages 147-8.

What material should the talisman be made out of? Look at Picatrix, Bk III, ch15 Greer & Warnock tr, pages 132-6.

How do I consecrate the talisman? Look at Picatrix, Bk III, ch 7 Greer & Warnock tr, pages 159-80.

It's all there in detail, the secrets of talisman making all laid out for you!

But Picatrix goes beyond just the practical details and explains why talismans work, how the spirits are attracted by the mage and ensouled in a talisman, truly what the magical nature of the Cosmos is. The author says he consulted over 200 books of magic, astrology and occult philosophy and extracted all of their wisdom in Picatrix.

But for me there are even more reasons to own Picatrix. This is not a movie prop, not a work of fiction, but a 1000 year true book of MAGIC! Picatrix could never be published in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It circulated in manuscript only and mages would work feverishly to write its pages by hand so they could possess their own copy. Mere possession of Picatrix would have you brought before the Inquisition out of fear of the forbidden knowledge it contained. This folks, is not some dry academic treatment, it is truly magical. In the introduction, John rightly compares Picatrix to the Necronomicon, but Picatrix is real, not fictional. We had a hard choice in translating many sections of Picatrix, personally we could never use some of the talismans or create many of the "confections" but like reality itself Picatrix contains the potential for both great good and great evil.

When we consecrate the leatherbound and cloth bound editions we are merely completing the process of spiritualization. Picatrix is an uncanny book, a book of knowledge and a book of power. It has been my constant companion for the past 12 years. I learned Latin to translate Picatrix. We spent 2 years on the translation itself.

Picatrix speaks to me as it speaks to the few, chosen to plumb its depths. If the path of the mage is yours, then Picatrix is an essential guide on that path.

Now, before the pre-order period runs out June 10th, is the time to
get the Complete Picatrix!

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