Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Current Chart: Sun Talisman

I wanted to mention my new current chart, a Sun talisman

This is for the Sun in Leo. Sun elections are nice because they are easy to find, Sun hour on Sunday always being Sunrise and the Sun being in both sign and triplicity in Leo and sign and triplicity in Aries on Sunday at Sunrise. The Sun, not surprisingly, cranks out good elections like clockwork (?) indeed! being the original timekeeper along with the Moon.

Sun is good for promotion, fame, reputation, leadership, wealth, and good for general health as the ruler of the heart and center of the body.

Sun talisman is particularly appropriate for you with Sun in Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius. Yellow flag (caution) on Sun talismans if he is in Aquarius or Libra. He can't be combust or retrograde! Bad aspects, bad house placement or rulership doesn't seem to affect talisman choices much.

This one is particularly easy to adapt to your own location. Just do Sunrise on August 8 at your location! Check US Naval Observatory Sunrise Data

And folks, Dawn is Sunrise and Sunrise is when the Sun comes up in the morning! A staggering number of people have no idea what Dawn is and ask me things like "should I adjust to Eastern time?" or just seem very confused by the concept. Even Sunrise confuses many. Oh, man, if we needed any confirmation that moderns were totally out of whack with Nature, not knowing what Dawn is or being confused about when Sunrise is, really shows it.

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Anonymous said...

Most moderns probably think Dawn is only a dish-washing liquid that's good for cutting grease. I'd bet my paycheck that if you asked the average person on the street, what causes the change of seasons?' they wouldn't be able to explain it, except maybe 'the earth going around the sun', which is an incomplete answer.