Monday, February 19, 2018

Astrological Talisman Weather for February 19-20, 2018

Note that this only looks at basic essential & accidental dignity! Other factors may come into play.
Saturn dignified by sign (great for talisman)
Jupiter peregrine slow (avoid for talisman)
Mars peregrine (avoid for talisman)
Sun peregrine (avoid for talisman)
Venus dignified by exaltation, triplicity, (great for talisman)
Mercury in detriment fall combust (terrible for talisman)
Moon peregrine (avoid except for Mansion talismans)
Moon in the 2nd Mansion, "The second mansion is Albotayn, and it is for the removal of anger [from between two people]. When the Moon has passed around to this Mansion…form…the image of a crowned king."

I like the crowned king imagery of the 2nd Mansion. If we were honest with ourselves each of us has an inner king, around whom the entire universe rotates. Everything would be great if everyone and everything would just acknowledge this and get in line with our desires, needs and preferences. But like that it sounds a bit ludicrous, yet every day we unconsciously act in fulfillment of this monarch's whims. But the crowned king also points to the chakravartin, "the wheel turned" the Buddhist ideal of a universal ruler, who reigns ethically and benevolently. Cool!

Oh, and I will mention that I have been a busy bee with my website, recoding pages to be mobile responsive and rewriting them as I go, Latest page to be done was my new Astrological Magic Courses main page.

Christopher Warnock
Renaissance Astrology

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