Sunday, December 20, 2009

Timing Using Natal Charts

Modern astrologers tend to just use transits to the natal chart and attempt to predict based on that. Traditional astrologers would have looked at primary directions, then added solar revolutions and then used transits as the triggering points if a primary direction and/or solar revolution was in effect.

Even then I have to wonder about the accuracy of this timing! At the moment, we have not gotten the software implemented for primary directions, plus we haven't used them enough to actually predict in advance without knowing the outcome.

Personally, I am more and more taken with horary as my main technique for accurate and precise prediction and timing. Natal charts, of necessity are loose and vague. You have the same natal chart when you are 3 as when you are 90, but of course there are huge differences in you and your life. Every single relationship you have is in your natal chart, so think how difficult it is going to be untie the knot and find the single strand that relates to whether or not you will marry Jane X?

Trying to take the vague and imprecise natal chart and get precise timing out of it by applying various techniques is like taking a messed up, sideways scan at lo-res and clean it up with Photoshop. No matter what you do to it, the original lacks detail.

No, the absolute completion and total insistence on using natal comes, IMHO, not from its efficacy and accuracy, but just because modern astrologers have no awareness that any other method exists.

Let me mention another problem. I had client recently with a horary regarding a court case. It was clear to me that the chart was very negative and I said that they would lose their case. They came back to me and told me, yes they lost their case, but that a psychic and 2 other astrologers had said they would win!

The vagueness of natal astrology and the overwhelming positive and upbeat stance of modern astrology all tend toward giving universally positive results to clients. But an even more powerful influence is the fact that many clients, whatever they might say, are unconsciously looking, not for an accurate prediction, but for a prediction that things will go their way.

The great advantage of using natal timing techniques, in particular, for marriage and relationships, is that you can tell the client that yes, in March of 2014 you will find the love of your life. The client is happy, you get your fee and when March 2014 runs around and no marriage ensues the client will likely have forgotten the inaccurate prediction. In addition, the astrologer need never be confronted with the failure of their methodology.

When I do a Soul Mate Reading, I do a horary, looking at romance in general for the next 6-12 months and then general trends, without timing, looking at the natal chart.

Frankly I get a good amount of @#$& from clients when I say that I can't accurately predict timing other than through a horary. Even horary timing is about 50-50 or 60-40 accurate.

Personally and this will not make me very popular, I have not seen consistent, accurate and precise results from timing using the natal chart, when the outcome is unknown. Timing using Hitler's chart or other celebrities, doesn't count. Getting it right once or twice when the outcome is unknown, doesn't count either. I've done about 2500 horary charts for clients. I've kept a written record of each one. I record any feedback I get regarding accuracy. I can say that horary works! Unless we can get that large a sample of accurate natal timing, I think the jury is still out, as much as we or our clients might want to believe in it.

I'm not saying that we will never be able to do natal timing, but we aren't there yet.

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Anonymous said...

This posting reminded me of a friend from a number of years ago who was always looking for a relationship (online and with, in my opinion, absurdly high requirements). He would regularly ask me to do a horary to see 'if he was going to meet anyone soon' and the chart always came back with a big fat NO! One time he got annoyed at me and said, "can't you ever give me hope"? I said, "no, I tell you what's in the chart, if you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, go to Madame Fatima on the Boardwalk". He said, "yeah, I know". I also told him that if he changed some of his 'requirements' as well as his hunting ground, he might have better 'luck'. I havent spoken with him in a long time, but some mutual friends have told me that he's still on the same hamster wheel.