Friday, December 25, 2009

True Prediction

Thought I would provide a very interesting natal chart to ponder. Chart is for one of Victorian England’s worst serial killers, said to be the model for Jack the Ripper. Chart data is 9 am GMT, October 2, 1869 for London, England. 9 Scorpio rises.

We can immediately see the heavy emphasis on sex and death as Scorpio, a sign of obsession, jealousy, secrecy, lust and death rises. Mercury, ruler of the 8th of death is in Scorpio and conjunct the Ascendant. Venus, natural ruler of love is in her detriment, again in the nasty sign of Scorpio and also conjunct the Ascendant. Finally the Scorpio triumvirate is complete by Mars, ruler of violence and a natural significator of violent death, in Scorpio, conjunct Venus and rising.

Can there be any doubt why this is the natal chart of a depraved serial killer? Whoops! Actually this is the chart of Mahatma Gandhi, adjusted for London.

“Scorpio rising with Mercury, Venus, and Mars gives Mahatma Gandhi his small compact features and intense focus and determination. Midheaven in Leo conjunct India's stellium in that sign binds their destinies together. Sun in Libra(Midheaven ruler) wants peaceful and harmonious co-existence with others. Moon in Leo near the MC is proud and fierce and gets public recognition and support. Mercury in Scorpio is shrewd and penetrating and thinks deep and passionate thoughts. Venus in Scorpio is passionate, possessive, intense and a shrewd dealer. Venus conjunct Mars is amorous and popular with the opposite sex. Mars in Scorpio can sink to depravity and destruction or rise to regeneration or rebirth. They are intensely passionate and emotional and fearless in the face of danger or death.”


Hmmm…the point is if you know the outcome, you can make any chart fit it! True prediction requires that you work from the chart itself without knowing the outcome of the horary or the person for whom a chart is read.

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