Monday, March 5, 2012

Different Picatrix Editions?

I occasionally get questions about the different editions of the Complete Picatrix. Ok, all editions of Picatrix have the same complete translation of Picatrix. The only difference is that they look different with different fonts, and illustrations and we have added some additional pages from sources other than Picatrix to each edition.

It's a judgment call. Choices can cause confusion! Still, print on demand makes it easy to provide different editions since they are just sitting on a server somewhere until the order comes in, you don't have to do a print run and have physical copies sitting in a warehouse.

It's kind of cool, I think to have different editions because different people like different stuff. Lots of people like the "goth" Liber Atratus (Black Book) It has black letter fonts and woodcut engravings, plus a passage on astrological poisons from Ibn Washiyya's Book of Poisons. It's available directly from the Renaissance Astrology website, but you can also get the Liber Atratus on Amazon.

On the other hand, the Liber Viridis (Green Book) is fairly fab, very loopy Renaissance calligraphic fonts, lots of elaborate foliage ornamentation with a Green Magic focus. It's available directly from the Renaissance Astrology website.

Finally the Liber Rubeus (Red Book) this could be termed Liber Sanguinis "the Book of Blood" this shares the "goth" formatting of the Liber Atratus, but adds a macabre passage from the Arabic Picatrix about the creation of a divinatory head. This edition is only initiated when the Moon is in the 5th Mansion.
It's available directly from the Renaissance Astrology website

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