Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Book: Cabala of Planetary Magic!!!

Renaissance Astrology Press is proud to present a new book by our own mage/jeweler, Wade Coleman, the Cabala of Planetary Magic!

Wade is a very experienced ceremonial magician and expert in the use of Cabala, particularly in Gematria. He's already published a major Gematria reference book, Sepher Sapphires and we are lucky to have his Cabbalistic expertise. Wade designs all of the backs of our Renaissance Astrology talismans, finding appropriate Hebrew Biblical verses and rectifying mistakes in planetary sigils and symbols.

Wade and I have worked together for over a decade and we now have the literary fruits of Wade's magical and talismanic work. Much of this material is unknown to me as I am not a Cabbalistic expert, but Wade is!

The Cabala of Planetary Magic in over 180 pages, explains in details how to use Cabala for making planetary talismans, plus discussing the various metals used talismanically.

Here is the Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Basic Elements of Talismans
Chapter 2 The Renaissance World View
Chapter 3 Gematria, the Magical Language
Chapter 4 The Tree of Life
Chapter 5 The Four Worlds of the Cabala and the Tree of Life
Chapter 6 Numbers that Answer to the Sephiroth
Chapter 7 Mottos
Chapter 8 The Construction of Planetary Seals
Chapter 9 Intelligences, Spirits and the Divine Names of the Planets
Chapter 10 Basic Design Principles
Chapter 11 Magical Images of the Planets
Chapter 12 Timing the Creation of Talismans
Chapter 13 Consecration
Chapter 15 Drawing, Casting and Engraving Talismans

Cabala of Planetary Magic is filled with detailed explanations of Hebrew, charts, pictures, sigils and symbols. This is a fabulous book if you are interested in planetary tables. Wade focuses in specifically on planetary tables and gives a very in depth explanation of their creation, use and variant forms. Highly Recommended!!!

Wade explains the Sephiroth and the Tree of Life and their talismanic uses, as well as relating other basic Cabalistic principles, like the Four Worlds and numerological principles to talismanic creation.

Cabala of Planetary Magic is an excellent source for anyone interested in Cabala, the planets and planetary magic.

Renaissance Astrology Press is releasing the Cabala of Planetary Magic in a hardcover 1st edition limited to 50 copies. The cost is just $45 plus shipping.

There is also a paperback, this is the second edition. It has been submitted to Amazon, but won't be available there for at least 60 days. Until the paperback appears on Amazon, the price is just $19.95 plus shipping. Once it appears on Amazon, the paperback price there and everywhere will be $24.95, so order now!

Folks, I can't tell you how pleased I am to release the Cabala of Planetary Magic. Finally the Cabalistic secrets that Wade has rediscovered are vailable! This book was a revelation even to me!

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