Saturday, May 26, 2012

Astrological Software?

I had a poster asking about what kind of astrological software to buy. My response is, why buy expensive astrological software at all?

The difference between the free online software at Astrodienst (use "Chart drawing Ascendant") and expensive, commercial software costing several hundred dollars is pretty minimal. They all give you quick, easy and above all accurate charts, which Lilly no doubt would trip out over. He used to have his charts sent out to be done!

The most popular programs that traditional astrologers use are Janus and Solar Fire. I haven't used Janus, but I've never heard anyone complain vehemently about it and certainly lots of traditional astrologers like Janus and use it. Solar Fire is what I use, but with my special Traditional Page. This page only works if you already have Solar Fire! This is the horary/electional version which is free with my Electional Course, Horary Course and Astrological Magic Course. There is a natal version that comes free with my Natal Astrology Course.

I like the square chart, but it is not to everyone's taste!

Here's the thing. The marketing "hook" for astrological software, stated or unstated, is that if you spend the $300+ then you won't have to do anything else, the program will do everything for you, not only create a chart, but read it for you.

Sadly, this is not so! An astrological chart to an astrologer is like an X-ray to a radiologist. A vital tool, but useless without mastery of the area. I can assure budding traditional astrologers that don't feel they can afford $300+ that they are not missing out on anything essential by not having Solar Fire, Janus, etc. On the other hand, if you do want to spend your money, you are going to be fine for traditional astrology with Janus or with Solar Fire and my Traditional Page.

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Gary (NJ) said...

I have and like Mercurius, which also gives temperament break-down, a fixed star list, and the other usual tables for the traditional astrologer (dignities and lots etc.). The chart is round in the European format and it has asterisks around the chart to where the major fixed starts are (you can pick the ones you want). If you see a planet or cusp on an asterisk (star) you can move the cursor over it and the name will pop up. The program is pricey, but I really like it. It was written by a German astrologer, but of course is in English also.