Tuesday, May 29, 2012

End of the World?

I was asked if there was anything astrological to support the 2012 APOCALYPSE!!!

Astrologically, nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

As secular humanist as modern Westerners may think they are, we are programmed by 2000 years of Judeo-Christian eschatological thought (google eschatology!) to expect the imminent END OF THE WORLD. Under this view there is a beginning, a direct linear progression and then an end.

My personal preference is more Greek or Asian and their cosmology and view of history is cyclical, not linear.

In any case, as John Greer has detailed in his book, Apocalypse Not, prophecies of the Apocalypse have been continuously made, failed and the failure ignored and then more are made.

Not only is the Apocalypse in our cultural "genes" but it serves a useful personal function as well. Currently our culture has two disparate views of the future, a binary choice between what I call "Star Trek" or "Mad Max" In the Star Trek future, science and technology has solved all current world problems, war, poverty, disease, and we effortlessly zip between the stars. In the Mad Max future a few wretched survivors scrabble for scraps in the ruins of great cities.

The advantage of this binary future is that we can excuse our current wasteful consumerist lifestyle and need make no effort to adapt to future change, after all there is nothing we can individually do to hasten the Star Trek future and nothing we can individually do to avoid Mad Max.

Also, as illogical as it may appear, the Apocalypse is very appealing to people that dislike their current job or life situation. If the world ends tomorrow, they won't have to go to work!

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