Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love & Wealth House Talismans

My new current chart is for the FABULOUS Love & Wealth talismans on January 5, 2009!

These are pretty incredible, since they are house based talismans and combine the strength of exalted Venus, exalted Mars and the exalted Moon, serious talismanic power!

I often get clients who want one talisman that will do everything, and I have to explain that normally each talisman is pretty specialized for one purpose. In this case, though we are able to do a combo talisman for both Love and Wealth!

How does this work? Thabit Ibn Qurra's De Imaginibus which explains how to create house based talismans. These are the height of the art of astrological magic and are very difficult to elect for. We feel pretty good when we can get 3 or 4 conditions for a regular planetary and this talisman has 9 or even more depending on how you tote them up.

Let's look at them:

* Ruler of the Ascendant, Venus exalted
* Ruler of the 2nd house of money, Mars exalted
* Ruler of the 7th house of love and marriage, Mars exalted
* Ascendant strong
* 2nd house strong
* 7th house strong
* 8th house strong
* Ruler of the Ascendant, Venus making a an applying sextile with
reception to the ruler of the 2nd, Mars and the ruler of the 7th, Mars
* Moon exalted

What this talisman does is to make the user of the talisman, signified by Lesser Benefic Venus, exalted, very strong and powerful and then proceed to connect the user of the talisman to love, signified by exalted Mars, ruler of the 7th house of love and the 2nd house of money, with an applying sextile with reception. Add in the Moon exalted and ruling the 10th house, plus the 8th house ruled by Venus and you have a talisman that combines the power of three exalted planets for love & wealth and even success and fame (10th house).

What I do want to do is draw everyone's attention to this amazing election, either to make your own talisman or to pre-order a silver Love/Wealth talisman! You can see what these talismans will look like on the
current chart page .

Like the Great Wealth talismans, I think these are going to be very popular and the price is going to escalate rapidly as I sell out. Great Wealth talismans are currently $399.95 because I have hardly any left. Cazmi Moon talismans are $499.95!!

The pre-order price of the Love/Wealth talismans is just $199.95 plus shipping. Pre-order Order page

As soon as the talismans are cast and I offer them on the website the price goes up to $249.95 plus shipping and then rapidly the cost will rise and rise as they sell out just like the Great Wealth and Cazimi Moon talismans. We can't make many and they will definitely all be gone soon.

$199.95? What a deal! This are very powerful talismans and you get double the effect of the usual talisman. Plus we literally are never going to be able to make these again in our lifetime. I checked all the way out to 2050 and no more can be made after these on January 5, 2009! This is it, folks, truly unique, once in a lifetime!

Right now, really is the time to be focusing on wealth. I can't think of anybody that couldn't use a boost in this area, couldn't use a bit of security to help you find or keep a job or simply keep the cash flowing in! And love, again there isn't anybody that doesn't need either to find love or wouldn't mind a boost in their current love life. This stuff works folks!

Seriously, if you let this pass by and don't pre-order you are going to be kicking yourself. $199.95 plus shipping is a great deal! Here is a special
pre-order page

Now is not the time to be choking off either money or love!

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