Friday, January 9, 2009

Mastery without Practice?

Another question on astrology & magic and my response:

Question: How can I do astrology and magic when I'm so busy? Why do I need to practice?

Answer: Well, this is like asking, "how can I play the piano, when I am too busy to practice?" You achieve what you put your time, energy and effort to. Modern culture is very adept at sucking up all your time, between work and family, there is no time for other pursuits. Yes, it would be nice if we could just read a book or buy something, certainly buying things is what we are trained to do, but this just isn't going to be sufficient if one wishes to follow this particular path.

Now, as the Prophet Mohammed said (PBUH) "There are as many paths as there are human souls." So holistic understanding or gnosis can be achieved in other ways. I just don't know any that you can do without any time or energy.

I don't have children and I have had to make a trade off between my time and my income, so that I have at least a little time to follow spiritual pursuits. I have been lucky to be able to work as an astrologer, so that I am constantly practicing at a high level and earning some money, though far less than I could as an attorney.

For most of us, the choice is already made, we have our lives and it is only with the greatest effort that we can change their course. Perhaps we will have time later, perhaps we have time now, and perhaps we will never have time.

Ora and labore, ora and labore! Work and pray!

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yuzuru said...

As a teacher myself, I can relate: nowadays there is a "consumer ethics" in the students, including adult ones, including themes like astrology.

People simple don´t think anymore that it is a two way street in learning... they think that their role is to sit and the teacher will do the job.