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Example of Astrological Checkup

This is an example of my Astrological Checkup. The client choses three life areas or three chart areas (or a combination of three of each) which I then examine using traditional natal analysis and suggest talismans. I also include the image description for the degree of their Ascendant from Johannes Angelus' Astrological Optics as well as giving the name of the Guardian Angel/Daimon from Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book III, chapter 26.

Note that the analysis is quite concrete and not psychological. I have cited the sources used. Note that client did not give any information other than birthdata and areas of interest.

11:54 pm, (+4) Monday 2 November, 1936.

St George's Grenada, West Indies. Latitude 12N07; Longitude 61W37

10 Leo 25 rises, the 11th degree of Leo, "A woman raises her skirt"

Five Hylegical Places

Sun = 10 Scorpio = Aleph

Moon = 4 Cancer = Zayin

Ascendant = 10 Leo = Shin

Part of Fortune = 16 Sagittarius = Samech

Prenatal Syzygy (Full Moon) = 6 Taurus = Samech

Guardian Angel/Daimon Name = Ahzashsasiel

Finances & Income

Astrological Factors Considered

Lord of the 2nd house = Mercury peregrine and going to combustion in a
cadent house, thus afflicted.

Jupiter, natural significator of wealth, is strong by sign and triplicity in succedent house.

Part of Fortune, ruled by Jupiter and in succedent house,

Mars, peregrine in 2nd house

[Financial significators from Christian Astrology,pages 167-9, 552]

Jupiter separates from Part of Fortune and applies to benefic North Node of the Moon.


Mixed significations of wealth, native (person whose natal chart is being examined) has considerable variations in wealth.

Note that Mars is the key problem. He is in the 2nd house as well as applying to a partile (almost exact) square of Jupiter, natural significator of wealth. Mars rules the 4th, so this indicates financial problems (with Mars probably arguments and disputes) with family, particularly father or father's side of the family or problems with real estate or inheritance. Mars also rules 9th of long distance travel, religion and higher education, so possible financial problems relating to these areas.

I note also that Venus, ruler of the 10th of career and employers is applying to a square of Mars as well, showing financial problems (again probably arguments and disputes given that it is a square and involves Mars) associated with work and bosses. Mars is really the center of the financial problems.

(2) Health

Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of the 1st shows the body of the native: Leo rises so Sun is ruler of 1st. Sun is dignified by face, a weak dignity, in the 3rd, a cadent house.

Sun and Moon naturally signify health. Moon is strong, in her sign Cancer, in the 11th house. Moon trines Sun.

Ruler of the sixth of illness is Saturn. Saturn is peregrine, but retrograde in the 8th house.

Christian Astrology pages, 576-80.

We note that Saturn is in Cancer which signifies the liver, Christian Astrology, page 580 and afflicts Venus in the 5th house and the 5th house also signifies the liver Christian Astrology, page 245. Saturn in Cancer is also associated with the bladder and spleen, while the 5th house signifies the middle of the body. With Saturn retrograde in a water sign (the Sun and Moon are also in water signs) we might expect problems with fluid retention. Liver. bladder and circulatory problems seem indicated.

Sun, ruler of the body, is somewhat stronger than Saturn, the ruler of disease, so the native is able to overcome health problems. Weakness of the Sun indicates some bodily weakness as well so native has health problems of the nature indicated.

(3) Friendship

Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of the 11th house of friends is Mercury who is peregrine in Scorpio and going to combustion.

Venus makes partile (almost exact) though separating opposition to cusp of 11th house.

Moon in Cancer, in 11th

South Node is in 11th afflicting it.

Mars applies to a square of South Node.

Christian Astrology, pages 634-9.


While the native has some good friends who are likely women, sailors, fisherman and common people, they are likely to be somewhat inconstant (Moon in 11th,
Christian Astrology, pages 634-9. 636). As the ruler of the 11th is Mercury who is afflicted and in Scorpio, he is also likely to have friends who are tricky, engaging in power struggles and underhandedness, perhaps clerks, merchants, etc. The presence of the South Node in the 11th shows that the native has problems and difficulties with friends.

Talismanic and Ritual Prescription:

Mars seems to be involved in many of the areas mentioned. He afflicts the finances, the career and friends.

Because he is a malefic and weak, we do not wish to add any more Martial energy to the situation so I do not advise a Mars talisman. A Venus talisman is a possibility, since she is his natural opposite.

I would suggest Mars charity, however. This is a way to propitiate and soothe Mars so he will go somewhat easier on you.

What you do is give a Mars ruled thing to a Mars ruled person or organization on Mars day (Tuesday) ideally at Mars hour. You can see a list of at Mars ruled things and people. Perhaps a charity for veterans would be appropriate. Dawn is always the hour of the planet that rules the day, so dawn on a Tuesday is Mars hour, Mars day.

My suggestion for health and finances is Jupiter. The strongest planet in your chart is Jupiter and he is the natural ruler of wealth as well as being the best planet for prosperity and good fortune. Jupiter is also the natural antidote to Saturn, who is your significator of illness as ruler of the 6th house. A Jupiter talisman would work very well!

Response to Astrological checkup:

Client described checkup as "amazingly spot on"

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