Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Best Time for Internet Elections?

I had a recent post on my discussion group Spiritus Mundi about the proper time and location to elect the start of an Internet business

This raises an important issue, which is, where is anything on the Internet? This kind of fuzzes up the issue of timing. My tendency is to go with the user or owner, but what about when the web designer is the one uploading the site and they are in LA, while the owner is in NY? Still probably the owner, but....

Or how about if you had several owners, each in separate locations?

It gets complicated. However, part of the complication is the persistent idea that there is a single "best" time to start for any activity that needs to be elected. This probably comes from natal charts which have a pretty obvious start time, birth! Still even there we have the traditional use of conception charts.

Marriage, similarly, the beginning is when you take the vows. Pretty simple and straightforward.

Many other elections are not so simple. Starting a business. Many like the time and date of incorporation. My rebel take on this is that they don't feel legitimate without the government stamp of approval, but I have to admit that this is a good time to elect. Of course, then there is the time you actually open your doors and start accepting business. Or the time you make your first sale. Or even when you send out your mass announcement of your business start. All of these are legitimate beginnings and can be elected.

So rather than looking for or worse arguing about the "single best" thing to elect, it is better to realize that often we have a variety of different starts that could be elected. A key to which one to select is to determine which one is most under your control.

In DC, for example, you can't determine the time of incorporation, the city Corporations Office stamped it when they felt like it. For Delaware, a popular state for incorporation, on the other hand, you can do it online whenever you want.

Anything you can do by mail is good because if you want to go out to the mailbox and mail the envelope you can do it at 3 am if you want.

So, interesting question and interesting issues raised. Bottom line, be practical!

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