Monday, October 20, 2008

Casting the Pleiades Talisman

I got this e-mail from Wade, our mage/jeweler, regarding his casting of the Pleiades talismans. A fascinating look at actual casting and the consecration process for talismans! Note that ritual is flexible and needs to fit what inspires you. You can see the final results here

19 September 2008

About 40 minutes before the casting window opened I turned on the electro melt (melts the sterling silver). I gathered up the frankincense and fennel for the casting. I printed out the invocation to the Pleiades that Chris emailed to the group.

I always start all castings with an invocation to God. Since the Pleiades is not associated with a planet or Sephiroth. I invoked the names of God on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life. That is, Eyeyh (Kether), Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (IHVH, Tiphareth), and Adonai (Malkuth). The intention was to open a channel from the Heavens (Kether) to the Earth (Malkuth).

Once the metal was molten I took the flasks out of the oven and poured the metal. The first pour was completed 5 minutes after the casting window opened. The second pour was completed 10 minutes later.

I placed the flasks on bricks (they are still well over 1000 degrees┬║ F). I placed the incense on the glowing buttons and profuse smoke rose into the air. I began the Invocation to the Pleiades. But not too loud. I do have neighbors and did not want to attract attention chanting at 10:00 PM.

Once the flask have cooled, I quenched them. I put more incense on a glowing charcoal and fumigated the crystallized silver for over 20 minutes. I repeated the Divine names and Invocation to the Pleiades again for each flask.

It was a beautiful night. But I did not have the luxury to enjoy and sit in quiet meditation. Sterling melts at approximately 1,800┬║ F. And the flask when they are sitting on the brick are very hot. One mistake and you are in trouble.

There is an old saying, Temple conditions prevail. It is good practice to perform you ritual even when conditions are not optimal. It helps to develop your focus and poise.


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