Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturn Extravaganza

I am very pleased to announce the beginning of the Saturn Extravaganza!

We start with a current chart for a Saturn talisman with plenty of advance notice, in late November 2008

Saturn has the highest sphere of the planets and is appropriately the last of the planets that we will cast a talisman for. He has been in detriment in Cancer, then in Leo for years. He went into Virgo where he is peregrine and then went retrograde. Finally, after long last, we will be able to make a decent Saturn talisman!

This is certainly a very special talisman. Saturn is the Greater Malefic and author of melancholy, yet the co-ruler of magic (with Mercury) and of the esoteric philosophy and deeper wisdom.

When dignified, Lilly says, Saturn signifies one, "profound in Imagination, in his Acts severe, in words reserved, in speaking and giving very spare, in labour patient, in arguing or disputing grave, in obtaining the goods of this life studious and solicitous, in all manner of actions austere." CA 58.

When afflicted, on the other hand, Saturn signifies one, "envious, covetous, jealous and mistrustfull, timorus, sordid, outwardly dissembling, sluggish, suspicious, stubborn, a contemner of women, a close lyar, malicious, murmuring, never contented, ever repining." CA 58.

Ficino says that Saturn has a dual nature, "he signifies an individual set apart from others, divine or brutish, blessed or bowed down with the extreme of misery" Three Books on Life, Bk III, ch II Kaske & Clarke trans at 251.

Ficino says, "Hence, by withdrawal from human affairs, by leisure, solitude, constancy, by theology, the more esoteric philosophy, superstition, magic, agriculture and by sorrow, we come under the influence of Saturn." Three Books on Life, Bk III, ch II Kaske & Clarke trans at 253.

There are a number of possible variations on this election which we will explore in the coming weeks. We will be discussing how to adjust this election for your location and how to determine whether or not Saturn is compatible with your natal chart.

We are going to have a new Nigel Jackson image for this election! Wade will be casting Saturn talismans and I am going to be etching Saturn mirrors. Nigel and his talented wife Patti are working on Saturn music! Wow!

All hail lord Saturn!!! We look forward to a long meditation on your works, your essence and your spirit!

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