Monday, October 20, 2008

Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course

I have been really blown away by the power and incredible reliability of the Mansions talismans I have been working with recently. My Third Mansion talisman has been amazing, last month and this month the day of the Third Mansion was the biggest business day for me all month.
Plus I had some pretty incredible results from my 13th Mansion talisman. I wish could tell you in detail, but you are just going to have to take my word on the awesome results. Mansion talismans rock!

This means that I am very pleased to be able to share this amazing esoteric knowledge and occult power with you as I announce the revamp and relaunch of my Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course, now on CD!

The Mansions Mini-Course now includes the Mansions of the Moon book
a $25 value! The readings in the book are now carefully integrated into the Course CD and lessons.

The Mansions Mini-Course also includes Mansion Tracker, Mansions of the Moon software also a $25 value, that's a total of $50 worth with the free book and free software! Mansion Tracker is very cool and makes finding the Mansions quick, easy and simple.

The Mini-Course has an unparalleled and comprehensive selection of traditional Mansion sources including Picatrix Bk I, chapter 4 & Picatrix Bk IV, chapter 9. What's really special and unusual is the inclusion of the Astromagia Mansions. Astromagia is a medieval Arabic text like Picatrix also translated in the mid 13th century, but available nowhere else but in the Mansions Mini-Course! Seriously, nobody has this, and these Mansion talismans in Astromagia are wild, some completely different from Picatrix. Finally to cap it all of the Mini-Course includes Ibn Hatim's Arabic Mansion with Arabic names of Mansions lords. Wow! Truly complete!

But that's not all! The Mansions Mini-Course now includes 28 black and white and 28 full color images of each of the Mansions by our Nigel Jackson. Even better the color images are available in large size, high resolution format, easy to download, easy to print, perfect for making your own Mansion talismans!

More, could there be more? You bet! The Mansions Mini-Course now comes with 3 step by step lessons to walk you through the sources, origins, location, elections and talismans of the Mansions clearly and straightforwardly. You can even work through homework, make your own Masterpiece Mansion talisman and earn a certificate as a Qualified Lunar Magician!

Once you have registered for the Mansions Mini-Course you get an automatic discount on the full Astrological Magic Course. You don't need to graduate to go on to the full course.

So, a very serious revamp and upgrade, the Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course on CD, with free Mansions of the Moon book, Mansion Tracker software, new translations, color images, homework and certificate, makes a great package!

The Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course is $79.95 plus $12.95 US priority
mail or $14.95 non-US shipping. Register here

If you are already a student of the online Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course you can upgrade to the Mansions Course on CD + Mansions Book + Mansion Tracker for just $39.95 plus shipping. E-mail me at for details.

I will be issuing a comprehensive upgrade for full Astrological Magic Course students including the Mansions Mini-Course upgrade in the not too distant future.

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